Eiffel Tower, Paris Map
Paris-Promenades has decided to go beyond being a simple online historical source: we now offer you the opportunity to experience everything you see here - and more - first hand. If you would like a travel experience beyond the usual pre-formatted tour itinerary, an exploration of things yet unknown to you but tailored to your every taste and curiosity, we can do it for you.

Tourism is not our business, but Paris is our passion, and this is what we can share with you. Paris was love at first sight for this website's owner, J.M. Schomburg, when he first came in 1989, and has been working here as a photographer and graphic designer ever since. From his first day here Paris became his hobby, and the images and historical knowledge he has developed over the years is quite extensive indeed.

We work only on a small scale, preferably person to person. Our service and our goal is to cater to you exactly what you dream of in a voyage, from the taste of where to stay to what you see to the food you eat. If you are relaxed or adventurous, a cruiser or a trekker, we know everything this city has that can please you.

We have come up with two ways in which we can serve you; please read on for more.
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This is a little innovation of our own. If you are a seasoned traveller or simply adventurous, perhaps you'd like simply our first-hand knowledge to guide you through your trip, and would like to experience everything on your own. The author more than sympathises with this wish, he applauds it. He only wishes that, in his first years here, that someone could have spared him a bit of trial and error with a tailored explanation or two. He has had the time to experience the ups and downs of all this city has to offer, but we realise that most visiting this city for the first time won't. This is where we come in handy.

When we say custom, we mean it, as we will cater to all levels in this regard. If you have an itinerary of your own and would like simply to know where to eat each day (and maybe for us to make reservations for you ahead of time) we can do that for you. Should you have a taste in hotel and would like us to find something fitting for you, we can do that as well. If you would like to know where to find certain attractions (museums, salons, tea rooms, flea markets, anything) and how to get there, we can provide you with this information, or we can make all the needed arrangements for you. Lastly, and perhaps it is best to say most profoundly, if you are looking for a certain 'ambience' for your Parisian sejour we can fill you in there too. We can, in fact, tailor your whole trip to the theme of your choice.

If you would like to know more, please write us through selecting 'Itineraries' in the menu to the bottom of the page, and you will be shown a form in which you can send a request for a .pdf page containing our services and rates. If you would like to know more about our 'more personal' services, please read on into the next section.
If you've read the above, this part here is all of the same with a personal guide added. Whether you'd like the comfort of a 'riverain' (fr: inhabitant) to assure you through the day, or a guide for more adventurous expeditions than those immediately available, or you simply would like a constant flow of information (stocked by yours truly) about all that you are seeing, we can do everything to please you. Don't forget that your guide is a photographer, and he can help you there as well.

You can choose a guided stay in Paris, or a mix of guided visits and custom itineraries - to find out more about either of these options please choose 'Guided Tours' from the menu below. You will then be shown a form where you can tell us how to send you information about our services and rates.

Thank you for reading this far, and no matter the reason of your visit to Paris-Promenades, I hope you enjoy your stay.