Paris-Promenades Print-Shop

Welcome to the Paris-Promenade print shop. Here you have a choice of several items and memorabilia, but our showcase product is the printed promenades you've most probably already seen. If you have seen a photo that interests you, you may purchase that here as well. Please read on to the detail concerning the item of your interest.

If you have found a promenade that you would like to own for yourself, you can purchase it here. Printed on heavyweight paper in an A3 format, each "in-folio" promenade has a minimum of three pages: The first, or the "cover page" if you will, is the plan of the region covered by the promenade; Secondly, a selection of photos annotated with their respective numbers and commentaries; finally, the full-text promenade recital. Depending on the length and density of the promenade, its number of pages may vary. If you prefer to order only a selection of photos from the promenade of your choice you may do so, we ask only that you make that precision in your initial order query. Each A3-sized page will hold one plan, an average of nine photos and 1,600 14pt words.
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Printed on archival acid-free heavyweight paper (exact grade to come), these in-folios will last you a lifetime. Please check back later for more details on cost and shipping fees.
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You may order any photo you see at any size you like, but for simplicity's sake please find the most readily producible formats here. My preferred presentation format is annotated the A3 size – though the image is smaller than the paper, it is presentable "as is" anywhere even without framing. The A4 size comes also with annotation, and lastly you can order any photo you like in postcard-size. Printable on glossy, matte or pearl paper. If you would like a photo in another format than these, please send us a mail through our contact form with "order request" as a subject line.

Paris-Promenades Image Bank

If are interested in publishing one of these images in an edition of your own, please contact the author through our contact order form. Please don't forget to include the name of your publication and the intended use of the image you are interested in.