The aerial image of Paris on the front page is one used with the kind permission of the Institut Geographique Nationale (IGN). Reseachers and authors of professional images and maps concerning everything France's geology, you can find a wide selection of quite beautiful Paris posters and postcards on their site.

The Thursday Parisian café Club if you're there, the website if you're not. I've known it's "ed", Ric, since I'd begun digging (literally) into Paris' history around six years ago, and today I am a fervent club member. Attendance is not obligatory when you are in Paris, but so is not attending. It's here when you are, and there for the same. Have a look at the website through the link above if you'd like to know more!

In Touch Travel offers visitors to locations the world over a chance to pass a dream vacation in a way that few travel organisations can offer: Through the guiding experience of a longtime resident. You'll find me there with the Paris hosts.

This page has been around since over ten years now, and has more than you can ever know about this city's Cafés, Hotels, Sights and Spectacles. Its collection of old maps have been a great help in the past to yours truely.

This site covers much more territory than my l'il neck of the woods. Europe for Visitors has over 4,000 pages of articles, photos and links covering all the information anyone planning a trip to Europe could ever need.

Online encyclopedia. An unsurpassable free source of information on all subjects. If you're looking for a factoid on some obscure subject, run a search here and you may be in for a surprise. If you don't find what you are looking for and find it elsewhere, you can share your knowledge later with the encyclopedia's ever-growing database.

Yet another huge source of all info on French history and other historical subjects (in French). He who loves history could spend days here.

This site was a great help in determining the correct path of Paris' oldest still-visible ramparts - its thirteenth-century Philippe-Auguste wall. This site's author has also published an extesively detailed book on the subject.


This is quite a cute site offering all the best of Paris' antiques and collectibles as well as some original creations made by the site owner. In Japanese.

A friend from and of fashion, Diane Pernet is very generous with her insider knowledge of what's 'going on' in the trade. I love her videos and you can see many for yourself on her site. She writes regularly so there are always lots to read about this town's artists and happenings.

A friend and mentor of the photography trade. Editor of Camera magazine between 1966 and 1981 during the time that photography was at its pinnacle as an art form, he played a large role in bringing it to such heights. Also photographer, tapissier and poet, his website holds many of his writings, works and experiences.

This site owner's alter-ego is quite a snap with a camera and a fairly good web-designer and graphic artist to boot. Lots more Paris to look at here.