To the honest of you who read here, the following needs no mention.

This site is presented to you online for free -meaning you are welcome to use it, as it is, where it is. All images are of course the property of Paris-Promenades and ©J.M. Schomburg. All images libre des droits (free of author's rights) are mentioned in the bibliography page with links to the sources where you yourself can examine and download them where permitted; the same presented in this site have been modified by myself so theoretically are subject to the same copyright.

If you wish to download certain images for reference purposes, you may do so, but attempts to download groups or folders of photos, quite obvious in server logs, will result in a ban if abusive. Further attempts to do the same will result in a notification to the abuser's ISP.

Most of this download detection/reporting will be done automatically; I have programmed this site according to the above terms of use. If in any case you have been unjustly notified by your ISP for abusive behaviour, please contact me in describing the circumstances of your visit (and what may have triggered the warning) and I will set the matter straight immediately.

As for the texts: please feel free to note or quote at will, as any historical information you may find here is not mine to own (how can it be?), yet I cannot allow whole excerpts from my texts to be used elsewhere without my permission or mention of my name. To learn from any writing you may find here is one thing, to simply copy it (or worse) is another.

…Which leads to something that I like not at all saying, but here goes.

My work is for the pleasure and discretion of those who choose to view it; any person who would copy the product of this work as his own for sale to others would be denigrating to: a) clients who pay for work not his; b) the integrity of the product itself, therefore; c) myself. Thus any person or organisations using any content of this site for direct or indirect financial gain will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law, no exceptions.